Our Christian School

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The purpose of Freedom Baptist Academy is to be a Christian School that seeks to educate and train the whole student: spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially. FBA desires to send out into the world young people who will be lights in the spiritual darkness.


The mission of Freedom Baptist Academy is to provide a Christian School environment that assists parents in educating and equipping their students to develop a heart for God, to cultivate a sound biblical worldview, and to prepare students to positively impact this world for Jesus Christ.


Abeka Curriculum

Freedom Baptist Academy uses the Abeka curriculum as the primary source for learning in our Christians School. Students who transfer into FBA will have their transcripts assessed by our Christian School administration and equivalency will be granted for those courses that align with Abeka courses.

Master Video Program

Using the Master Video Program with Abeka, each student will be fully accredited. The Abeka program will provide report cards and keep transcripts for each child enrolled in the program.

• FBA will have a Christian School graduation ceremony for all seniors who have successfully completed the requirements of the Abeka program in May of each school year.

• In order to graduate from our Christian School, students must complete a total of 24 credits, which includes a minimum of 4 credits with Abeka in grade 12:

4 Credits Bible (includes ½ credit in Life Management)

4 Credits English

4 Credits Math- Algebra 1 (1 credit); Algebra 2 (1 credit); Plain Geometry (1 credit); and Math Elective (1 credit)

3 Credits Science (2 credits with lab components)

1 Credit Spanish (can be taken Gr. 10–12)

3 ½ Credits History- World History 10 (1 credit); U.S. History 11 (1 credit); American Government (½ credit); Economics (½ credit); and History Elective (½ credit)

1 Credit Physical Education

1 Credit Practical/Performing Arts

2 ½ Credits Electives

24 Total Credits Required

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Admission Policy

Freedom Baptist Academy is not a corrective institution, we are a Christian School; consequently, children should not be enrolled with the idea that we will reform them. We are here to work with the home, but not to take the place of parents who have experienced difficulty in fulfilling their roles.

Procedure for New Students

A. Application-Each student will need to complete the Enrollment Packet and return to the office with the student’s transcript, immunization records, and copy of his/her birth certificate.

B. Interview-The Christian School office will then contact you for an interview with the administration. In this interview the school’s structure, code of conduct, educational philosophy, financial aid and academics will be discussed.

C. Final Acceptance-Registration of the student will then be finalized when a non-refundable fee is accepted.


Each year every student will need to re-enroll for the next school year. For your convenience re-enrollment forms will be sent home in the spring. Once the forms are returned to the office with a non-refundable registration fee the student will then be enrolled for the next school year.


Tuition Costs

We work very hard in making a Christian School education affordable by using Student Tuition Organizations. If you’re in need of financial assistance please call 928-366-3585 to schedule an appointment to learn about the scholarships in which your child qualifies. In this meeting you will also learn the projected remaining balance not covered by scholarships.

Music Program

1st-12th Grades (prices vary)