As followers of Christ, we believe that our primary responsibility is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We currently have two different outreach ministries in effect:

New Move-In Ministry – We put together packets of information about the Yuma Foothills and about our church to be given to people who are new in our community. This is a very easy way to extend an invitation to church and a gospel witness to those who may be looking for a church and a new start.

Hanging Out for Freedom – We canvass the neighborhoods around our church with door hangers. In this ministry, even the timidest of people can have a part in reaching others for Christ. We have many people visit our church because a door hanger was left on their door.

Our outreach does not stop here in the Yuma area. Freedom Baptist is a missions-minded church. We are excited to support 27 missionaries! We believe God is blessing our ministry as we make the sharing of our Faith our top priority.